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The new Google? Hahahah hahahah hahaha

Just when you thought you might be getting the hang of the big G, a disgruntled former employee only goes and sets up his only rival search engine!

Ohhhhhhhhh techno scandal…. you love it!

‘Cuil’, (ancient Irish for knowledge i’ll have you know) declares it has the largest index on earth and that they offer a new search function for an every changing internet.

Sounds promising hey? Except after launching itself online, via all the correct marketing channels and funding itself with a sizable pile of gold, it only went and bloody crashed. Yes, imagine if Google crashed on you? No… Not possible is it?

Cuil may talk the talk and my god it might even walk …a little bit. But taking on Google and the algorithm of website doom? Thats just madness.

Don’t think much of the logo either….


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Happy 3rd week birthday

Yesterday we realised that the Green i Design blog has been chugging along, an archaic 3 weeks now… We feel so old!

But… yippy… We’ve had over 1500 views so far… Keep them coming!

Imagine 3 years!

Thank you to everyone who has been involved so far, and for those who are sending us your stuff… ohh you guys are good!

Expect more talent ones too watch and design joy to be coming your way soon.


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Film review – The Dark Knight

The Dark Knight is everywhere right now – If you haven’t seen it and don’t want any spoilers, then read no further…..

But, if like 400 billion other people (real life actual stats) you have already seen the ‘film of the summer’, we wonder if you had the same opinions on the suit and that Ledger bloke as this weeks featured creative.

Here at Green i Design we have a guest post from the sparky young writer Rupert de Paula. Having been printed in the Australian Times and a keen fiction writer, he wanted to show you all his skills and we thought, why not?

So a warm welcome to Rupert within the Green i community and we’d like your reviews of his work… ohh how the tables are turned.

What do you think? Will he be the next Alexander Walker?


The Dark Knight – Rupert de Paula

When it comes to superheroes, Batman was always the way coolest of the lot.

Yeah, he doesn’t have any actual ‘super’ powers, but he has bitching gadgets, a not-actually-totally-gay costume and awesome villains, who everybody knows are far more interesting than the actually heroes themselves (Note to Superman: yes that means you and your slaphead nemesis).

So, after his fun, but rather back story heavy Batman Begins, with its less than iconic bad guy Ras Al’Ghul, it’s unsurprising that Brit director Christopher Nolan has returned for a second crack at the Batwhip. And this time he’s brought the godfather of comic book villains along for the ride. That’s right: The Joker’s back.

Everybody knows that Heath Ledger carked it after the movie wrapped, so no need to go back over the masses of fawning hyperbole circulating the media (how someone derided as ‘that gay cowboy guy’ transforms into ‘the best actor of his generation’ only after they die just goes to highlight Hollywood’s crass hypocrisy). Let’s just say that Ledger is f**king amazing, ramming all the dismayed fanboys original criticisms straight back down their acne-scared, blog-obsessed throats.

Yep, he owns this movie like fat kids love cake.

The film itself cracks along an attention demanding pace, with all the murky sub plots slightly convoluting the final act. But there is no denying that Nolan has crafted an unrepentantly adult superhero movie, with recurring themes of madness and the much lauded War on Terror analogy (which is pap by the way, this is a movie about a man dressed as a clown bringing the ruckus to man dressed as a bat). So don’t take they kiddies, it’ll scare the bajeezers out of them.

No doubt some people will hate on this movie, saying it is vastly over rated – the Godfather Part 2 of comic book adaptations it aint. But after a summer of uniform mediocrity at the box office The Dark Knight is a rollercoaster ride that refuses to dumb down or patronise its audience.

Oh, and Heath Ledger really is THAT good.

BEST BIT: The Joker – Steals every scene.
WORST BIT: Batman’s stupid sonar/mobile phone thing – WTF?


Want to showcase your skills… whatever they are?

Get in contact….

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Photography – ‘Hellllllo Ladies’

‘Hellllllo Ladies’

This isn’t the best photograph in the world but we caught our little mascot cracking out his best pulling pose. He is only 5 months old but he’s got the skillz. You go Zizou…

He’s such a tart!

No stats: This is candid cat cam, you could have taken this with a phone – we just got lucky!

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South Park funnies – Create your own Cartman!

We at Green i Design are big fans of South Park. For a long time in fact, ever since we were mere 12 year olds, when the hit show first burst on to our screens in 1997, we have loved it – all 12 seasons. The genius duo, Matt Stone and Trey Parker‘s South Park, has since grown from the ‘ingrate cartoon’ it was initially deemed, into a first class satirical parody of our times.

If you haven’t seen such classic episodes as ‘Cartman gets an Anal probe’, ‘Big Gay Al’s big gay boat ride’ and ‘Osama bin Laden has farty pants’, then to be honest you haven’t lived.

In the mean time, for any of you who care, we found a funky little application online which allows you to create your own Southpark characters. Take a look below, you may think it’s stupid but it’s actually super addictive, not unlike the programme itself.

I made one below, I like to call him ‘Cedric the gored ginger kid’

So go on make one yourself and send us your screen shots… a prize for the best one!

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Photography – ‘Got Air?’

Got Air?’

A fast paced action shot of a nutter and his motor cross bike, getting some serious air!

Location – The sticks.

To take this shot:

1/100, fStop 8, ISO 400

You will need: Some patience to ignore the rubbish shots you will take trying to establish settings, functional eyelids to evade mud & grit surprises, a crazy stunt man with his CC’s!

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How to be found on Google – An idiots guide

How many times have you just clicked the first result you see, when you have searched for something on Google ?

What’s that? You never go past page 3…

Fear not. No one gets past page 3. This doesn’t mean your lazy and cant be bothered to look any further, this is just typical online behaviour.People don’t want to search too much, they are too busy plus why the hell should they? People want their results and they want it now, most importantly they KNOW Google will give it to them.

To be the number one spot on Google is to essentially win at life. It stands for that illusive integrity in a fast paced world of instant gratification. Online users know that the results Google presents are THE most relevant to their search and that’s why they go to it.

But how do you get to be there?

You may have just started to get involved with online media or maybe you already have a website or a blog and want to be able to be found more for your content. You may just want to show off to the world or you have realised the importance of the power of online marketing. Well you’re in good hands as we at Green i Design know how to be found.

Unfortunately it’s no simple task and getting good rankings in the Google Search Engine can be a full time job, no, there is no easy route and you have to be prepared for the long hall. Any sneaky short cuts, Google’s search bots will find them and you will be punished…

Like Wikipedia, Google is built on trust and of course, some rather complicated techo jargon. From the huge air hangers that house the Big G’s hubs, processing over 100 search factors and the relevance of over 8 billion web pages in a matter of seconds, for your convenience. To the secret Google algorithm that works out exactly what you are looking for, with over 90% of search results online found by Google, there really is no substitute.

So to be found on Google?


Well as we have mentioned there are loads of factors (over 100) Google consider when making a search, some we* know, some only Google know, but the first and most important factor to get found on Google is to write good content. Matt Cutts (aka the public face / ‘man who is super smug becuase he actually does know everything about’) of, says good content is his first and primary factor when decifering the relevance of a web page – will it tell the reader what they wanted to know? Have you written about your topic well? with passion and commitment? Do you appeal to your customers?

More often than not, the key to a successful business is their customer satisfaction success rate – and of course Google is on it with that!

Write what you want and write with enthusiasm, write for your audience and not for the search engines and you WILL get found.


If your still finding this a little complicated and you’d rather someone do the work for you, contact us at Green i Design – We can help you get your web page found.

*We = Search Engine Optimisers

Search Engine Optimisers is the posho way of saying ‘the people who specialise in getting your stuff found online.’

Keep posted for more SEO information and how to’s from Green i Design.

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