Green Design – litterally.

July 9, 2008 at 1:55 am Leave a comment

Stumbled across this blog that had a link to an interesting little resource.

It depicts 101 ways designers can help save the planet.

With some useful tips, like saving files in PDF formats as often as possible (saving paper), giving green clients a break, promoting ethical logos and generally being environmentally aware. Alongside the more obvious tips: turning your computers off at night, turn off the lights etc, Design : Green gives you links to numerous green agencies and organisations that designers, writers and agencies can join to acknowledge and promote their green credentials.

Some may still dismiss green consumerism as hippy or wishy washy, but that is generally the voice of the older generations and pretty much anyone who agrees with their pulpy mental state, is simply showing their age. These tips are fresh, informative and have a social conscience – yes there is a business behind this blog, but business doesn’t always = bad (we will come to this another time). Green efforts should and deserve to be acknowledged.

One point to mention however is this is obviously an American based blog with a few Seattle references and New York contact details. If Seattle means nothing to you, or you haven’t watched enough ‘Fraiser‘ as I have to feel like you know that place inside out, just don’t read those bits – or maybe think outside the box and replace the word ‘Seattle’ with wherever you are standing. Go on, I know you can. “Google map it” if your still confused….

Dork note: Don’t you just love the way Google is now a verb… No? Just me? Meh… again another time!


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