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July 9, 2008 at 2:27 am Leave a comment

We at Green i Design love photography, with members of our team being professional photographers that’s kind of a given.

Photography is an evolving art form and you would have to have been living under a rock to have not noticed the impact of the digital revolution of SLR photography.

As professional cameras have been introduced into an amateur price bracket and this my friends, is a wonderful thing.

Half the world is now snapping away, forming an eclectic global collage, capturing little instances of what life is in 2008.

However, you do have to know your sh*t, taking good photos is not about just clicking. There are ISO’s and f/stops and composition to consider and thats just to start with. This means turn off automatic and get cracking on that manual mode – if your a little confused, then you probably aren’t ready for this yet, read the box and come back to us…

So at Green i Design, we want to appreciate this beautiful medium and will encourage and admire the budding photographers and enthusiasts we encounter. Introducing the ‘Green i Design – Photo of the Week’ – A homage to the best photos around, telling you who, where, when and how as well as helping everyone to take better photos.


If you want to take part, possibly become ‘PotW’ and be generally bigged up by people who know their stuff, with full accreditation of course, send your images to us at:

greenidesignphoto at googlemail dot com

So with no further adieu, here is our first photograph to be honored the first:

‘Green i Design – Photo of the Week’

Nick, 23

London, England.

Sunset. Late June 2008.

Taken from Canary Wharf facing the River Thames to the west.


18mm, 1/160, f10, ISO 100


London’s metropolitan skyline in the background can be contrasted with the Victorian style lamp post in the fore. An impressive photo of an impressive city.

What do you think?


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