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Beatboxing – Euro top trio – BorisFX, SKiller and Lytos

Beatboxing is bad ass, we all know this, but very few are blessed with the vocal skills of these three drumming dialect demons. Yes we are a blog about design, but who said you can’t design with your face? These guys certainly didn’t.

Check out this incredible freestyle round filmed at BoxCon 08, featuring BorisFX, aka Ollie Trew the multilingual blond dynamo from the UK, SKiller from Sophia, the Bulgarian beatbox champ and Lytos the Spanish spiller of words. These guys are freakin awesome…

Good huh? Bet you can’t do that? No, go on try again, we promise that didn’t sound like your nan after a sunday lunch…. sorry, too much? We know…

It’s not just us at Green i who love these guys, the big boys in branding noticed the potential in this explosive and expressive genre of music too. Check out BorixFX in the Suzuki Swift T.V commercial that began airing worldwide in sept 07.



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Clean, Green & Effective – Videos of TV Advertising from Honda

Obviously we are big into our marketing here at Green i Design and one of my favourite Brands advertising themselves in the past 5 or so years have to be Honda. Recently they have been making headlines for their brilliantly innovative concept of producing a Live Commercial . The commercial itself featured a crack team of skydivers doing a real-time dive and producing the Honda “H” Emblem in the sky and wasn’t the slickest, most groundbreaking thing we’ve ever seen but that original concept was a perfect example of Honda working to achieve new things – perfect, I would say, for a motor vehicle company at present times to come across as.

Honda thrive on their reliable image built up from years of good solid car making worldwide since the seventies and have now built on that, focussing on Design, Creativity, Performance and their stellar work in developing new hydrogen cars.

Here is a short selection of some of our favourite Honda commercials from past years that we loved;

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Time to dust off those virtual boots again…

Latest screenshots have been released from EA for FIFA 09

Latest screenshots have been released from EA for FIFA 09

After all the fun and excitement at the Euro 2008 Championships this summer, and the fact that we in England had nothing much to do with it, you’d be forgiven for not even remembering that we actually play football in this country – but we DO and the new English Barclays Premier League season kicks off in just over a months time and with it comes the couch potato’s option of the latest football console games – FIFA 2009 and Pro Evolution Soccer 2009.

First out the gates seems to be FIFA 09, with an official website going up straight after the end of the Euros (so as not to affect any sales of the EA made Euro 2008 game).

Judging from the screenshots you can find on the site, it seems like EA are coming out with another good offering for the football fanatic. Last years Fifa 08 shocked the gaming community with its amazing visuals and, for once, not ‘throw-your-controller-at-the-telly-in frustration’ gameplay. I mean, it was actually good fun – you really started to feel like you were getting some of the control and freedom of play of the game that the Fifa series had always been lacking…

Hang on… wait… I’m being too nice I think… The players didn’t do exactly what you told them to, through balls were useless, player selection was still weird and crossing never really felt fluid enough.

So we can see by the screenshots that EA haven’t let themselves down on the graphics front, but what has been done on the gameplay side of things? The bit that actually makes or breaks wether you keep picking it up and playing it.Well according to EA – lots;

  • 250 additions and enhancements to core gameplay,
  • new animation technology that creates more responsive first-time shooting and passing,
  • faster and more controlled dribbling, and improved trapping, and new player momentum physics that delivers realistic player collisions, authentic jostling for the ball, and more variation in tackling.

So thats what they say! All sounds very promising, lets just hope EA deliver the goods and maybe they can really start to stake claim again as the better football fans choice.

Other than the gameplay its good to hear that developers have been working on further improving the ‘Be a Pro’ feature in 08. If you haven’t played it – it basically meant you could take control of solely one player for the duration of a game, being responsible for their every move, run, tackle, pass, shot or goal. It played better than it sounded on paper to be honest and people obviously agreed because this time out you can take control of your chosen player throughout a full-on career, taking part in all the league fixtures to the rainy cup ties of early February.

All of this along with the obvious annual update of club kits, players, stadia etc. and the promise of Platform specific game features, such as 8 vs 8 arcade fun football and table football on the Wii to Quizzes on the PSP and DS, should ensure another good year for EA.

Stay tuned until next time on the couch potato when we are going to be getting all the latest information on Pro Evolution Soccer 2009 and keeping you up to date on any new info on Fifa 09.

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Green I Design – Welcome to The design Blog

Need inspiration? Bored? Tired of the same old sh*t?

You’re in good hands. We are Green I Design and this is our blog.

Whilst our design site is in it’s teeny tiny production stages we would like to take this opportunity to welcome you closet dorks, to embrace all you creative noobs and to encourage a collective openness of minds, to all things creative and designed.

Whether by hand, by machine, by nature or your mum, if we like it then well done you, well done indeed. If not, well, we will tell you why it sucks. Check out our shiney categories, on your right, for a taste of what we’ve got.

And we do all this with a healthy dollop of youthful jadedness and, of course, a smile.

So welcome to Green I Design, your new one stop design MEGATRON. (like what I did there?)


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