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When will Gran Turismo 5 finally arrive????

Gran Turismo 5 prologue is killing us!


If like us, you have already mastered Eiger Nordwand, scored over 10’000 points drifting your Blitz ER34 and have miraculously stayed awake long enough to accumulate enough prize dinero to purchase one of the devilishly speedy F1 Ferrari F2007’s (I think I recall 87 cumulative Daytona races in some tuned monstrosity to get the £1 million or so required – long!), you might be getting pretty bored.


“Bored! How can you say that?” I hear you cry. Well, bored is probably too harsh a word, for of course the clever little guys at GT HQ have given us our own little piece of gaming genius. We need not mention, the next generation of graphics (‘we thank you’ PS3), the immense attention to detail regarding the physics of the machines you drive, full online compatibility and the new online drift point score ranking – so you can now prove to your mate in Spain, that you do totally own him!  And of course the uncountable hours of gaming joy GT prologue gives you, however that’s just it – it’s a prologue, where is the real deal.

Gaming networks and forums the world over are speculating when the long awaited GT5 will appear, it’s been 4 years since the last GT and that was meant to arrive a year before that, but was postponed as it wasnt quiet right! We wish we could ask Kazunori Yamauchi exactly what’s going on but of course we can’t we just have to wait. But like children waiting for christmas we are finding this increasingly harder to do.

One thing is for sure though, GT5 is going to be the nuts!

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Film review – The Dark Knight

The Dark Knight is everywhere right now – If you haven’t seen it and don’t want any spoilers, then read no further…..

But, if like 400 billion other people (real life actual stats) you have already seen the ‘film of the summer’, we wonder if you had the same opinions on the suit and that Ledger bloke as this weeks featured creative.

Here at Green i Design we have a guest post from the sparky young writer Rupert de Paula. Having been printed in the Australian Times and a keen fiction writer, he wanted to show you all his skills and we thought, why not?

So a warm welcome to Rupert within the Green i community and we’d like your reviews of his work… ohh how the tables are turned.

What do you think? Will he be the next Alexander Walker?


The Dark Knight – Rupert de Paula

When it comes to superheroes, Batman was always the way coolest of the lot.

Yeah, he doesn’t have any actual ‘super’ powers, but he has bitching gadgets, a not-actually-totally-gay costume and awesome villains, who everybody knows are far more interesting than the actually heroes themselves (Note to Superman: yes that means you and your slaphead nemesis).

So, after his fun, but rather back story heavy Batman Begins, with its less than iconic bad guy Ras Al’Ghul, it’s unsurprising that Brit director Christopher Nolan has returned for a second crack at the Batwhip. And this time he’s brought the godfather of comic book villains along for the ride. That’s right: The Joker’s back.

Everybody knows that Heath Ledger carked it after the movie wrapped, so no need to go back over the masses of fawning hyperbole circulating the media (how someone derided as ‘that gay cowboy guy’ transforms into ‘the best actor of his generation’ only after they die just goes to highlight Hollywood’s crass hypocrisy). Let’s just say that Ledger is f**king amazing, ramming all the dismayed fanboys original criticisms straight back down their acne-scared, blog-obsessed throats.

Yep, he owns this movie like fat kids love cake.

The film itself cracks along an attention demanding pace, with all the murky sub plots slightly convoluting the final act. But there is no denying that Nolan has crafted an unrepentantly adult superhero movie, with recurring themes of madness and the much lauded War on Terror analogy (which is pap by the way, this is a movie about a man dressed as a clown bringing the ruckus to man dressed as a bat). So don’t take they kiddies, it’ll scare the bajeezers out of them.

No doubt some people will hate on this movie, saying it is vastly over rated – the Godfather Part 2 of comic book adaptations it aint. But after a summer of uniform mediocrity at the box office The Dark Knight is a rollercoaster ride that refuses to dumb down or patronise its audience.

Oh, and Heath Ledger really is THAT good.

BEST BIT: The Joker – Steals every scene.
WORST BIT: Batman’s stupid sonar/mobile phone thing – WTF?


Want to showcase your skills… whatever they are?

Get in contact….

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South Park funnies – Create your own Cartman!

We at Green i Design are big fans of South Park. For a long time in fact, ever since we were mere 12 year olds, when the hit show first burst on to our screens in 1997, we have loved it – all 12 seasons. The genius duo, Matt Stone and Trey Parker‘s South Park, has since grown from the ‘ingrate cartoon’ it was initially deemed, into a first class satirical parody of our times.

If you haven’t seen such classic episodes as ‘Cartman gets an Anal probe’, ‘Big Gay Al’s big gay boat ride’ and ‘Osama bin Laden has farty pants’, then to be honest you haven’t lived.

In the mean time, for any of you who care, we found a funky little application online which allows you to create your own Southpark characters. Take a look below, you may think it’s stupid but it’s actually super addictive, not unlike the programme itself.

I made one below, I like to call him ‘Cedric the gored ginger kid’

So go on make one yourself and send us your screen shots… a prize for the best one!

July 26, 2008 at 4:53 pm 4 comments

Counter Strike for Kids

As has been mentioned many times already, here at Green i Design we are a bunch of complete dorks and we’re not (that) ashamed to say so. So here we have decided to give back to the dork and geek community with a hilarious video we found knocking around on Youtube the other day.

Check it out below, its a spoof commercial for “Counter Strike for Kids!” Now for any of you or probably many of you who have played the real Counter Strike or CSS:Source this is a truely hilarious prospect and to anyone who hasnt played CSS it’s just a damn fine effort at a viral video!


July 25, 2008 at 4:48 pm 4 comments

‘Wanted’ = Super Lame.

Below is a testament on how to ‘literally waste’ 110 minutes of your life and never regret it more.


Watched ‘Wanted’ last night.

‘Wanted’ is directed by Timur Bekmambet, the 47 yr old Russian-Kazakh film director of such classics like, Nightwatch and Daywatch. It was released in the UK on the 25th June. Hmmmm, sounds promising…


Somehow as if by black freakin’ magic, Bekmambet managed to convince the usually flawless Morgan Freeman, a cardboard cut out of Angelina, the ‘up and coming/far too eager’ James McAvoy, Terence Stamp ‘of every boys film ever’ and, if your still with me, hip-hop rapper/Hollywood whore Common(??!?!), to star in this film.

It must be pixie dust ‘cos God only knows how he pitched this one to them, but I reckon it went exactly like this:

TB – “I’ve got a good film wanna be in it?

MF/Cb c o o A/JM/TS/C – “What’s it about?

TB – “Assassins, a magic ‘Loom of Fate’, a faculty and mud baths and I wish this was really the Da Vinci Code and adaptation from a comic and his dad lived next door all along and the tapestry and angelina can bend over on top of trains and action film and shoot round corners and Common’s role is utterly pointless and Castles and flying people and totally gash and blowing up assassins with rats and killing your dad and shooting through trains and Terence Stamp is a bullet guru (??) and wasting my life and donuts and angelina is a messed up kid who goes nuts – nothing new there and windows smashing all trendy like and waaaay too long and pillars and angelina gets naked (obviously) and 4 miles away and completely rubbish

MF/Cb c o o A/JM/TS/C – “Yes, yes, yes. This sounds like the best career move since Lindsay Lohan decided that mutilated hooker film was a good’un. We’re in“.

And that’s pretty much it.


Don’t waste your time watching this, unless you’re under 20, male and a bit retarded. Excessive, ridiculous, tedious, predictable, badly written and acted worse, the only good thing about this film is James McAvoy’s American accent and the fact Morgan Freeman says “Mother F**ker” – Has he ever sworn before? I bet he hasn’t…

Gutted if you paid to see this…

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July 16, 2008 at 5:59 pm 4 comments

007:Quantum of Solace HD Trailer

Quantum of Solace

007:Quantum of Solace

Here at Green i Design we are strong followers of the James Bond series and we were excited when we found this little gem on youtube. Its a HD trailer for the latest addition to the series, entitled “007:Quantum of Solace.”

Thanks to the uploader, this trailor is in fantastic HD quality so you get to see all the action in clear detail – and by the looks of it, action isn’t gonna be tough to come by. In the new film, Daniel Craig a.k.a James Bond is seeking revenge for the death of his love and sets out to stop an environmentalist from taking control of a country’s water supply – all in an average days work for 007, eh!

We think the new film looks brilliant and can’t wait for the November 7th release date. What do you think? Let us know your opinions!

Let the video buffer fully before watching as its well worth the wait!

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