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How to be found on Google – Part II

In our first “How to be found on Google” post we discussed the importance of having a well written page. Not Poet Laurette standard well written but simply written by you, with passion and genuine feeling as believe it or not the search engines do actually care about the quality of the page you are searching for.

As mentioned, a page just littered with key words and no actual concern for what the reader has searched for is NOT going to get you found.

Ohh you spotted it: key words – These are an integral part of search engine optimisation but when used correctly.

Key words are the words that essential summarise what your webpage is about. Every page can have different keywords but of course there will be some key words that are the same throughout your website.

Keywords are an important part of SEO but bare in mind that you are not going to get found for obvious generic terms.

For example say you wanted to be found for the word CELEBRITY. You have a lovely little website about all the grotty things CELEBRITYs’ have been getting up to but not getting much traffic. You’ve littered your page with the word CELEBRITY but still no luck! Well this is because you are using a generic keyword and big companies will have experts fighting and working to get their site ranked 1st for a word like that and let’s face facts, you are not going to be able to compete with this level of SEO – well not yet anyway 😉

So how do you get around this?

This is the cunning part.

It is estimated that everyday Google has to deal with and search for over 2 million brand new key words or key phrases that it has never ever seen before – yes every day!!! Meaning that everyday new words are up and out there for the taking.

Think of every words related to the keywords that epitomise your site – imagine it as the ‘word association game’ of the digital age – i.e Celebrity = famous person / stalking paparazzi shots / actress walking / model mother etc etc.

These more random, and SEO’s say, “long tail” searches are going to work in your favour as more as more people search for words and phrases Google has never indexed before

So simply put, think about what your site is about and then think a little bit outside the box for maximum creativity and results.


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How to be found on Google – An idiots guide

How many times have you just clicked the first result you see, when you have searched for something on Google ?

What’s that? You never go past page 3…

Fear not. No one gets past page 3. This doesn’t mean your lazy and cant be bothered to look any further, this is just typical online behaviour.People don’t want to search too much, they are too busy plus why the hell should they? People want their results and they want it now, most importantly they KNOW Google will give it to them.

To be the number one spot on Google is to essentially win at life. It stands for that illusive integrity in a fast paced world of instant gratification. Online users know that the results Google presents are THE most relevant to their search and that’s why they go to it.

But how do you get to be there?

You may have just started to get involved with online media or maybe you already have a website or a blog and want to be able to be found more for your content. You may just want to show off to the world or you have realised the importance of the power of online marketing. Well you’re in good hands as we at Green i Design know how to be found.

Unfortunately it’s no simple task and getting good rankings in the Google Search Engine can be a full time job, no, there is no easy route and you have to be prepared for the long hall. Any sneaky short cuts, Google’s search bots will find them and you will be punished…

Like Wikipedia, Google is built on trust and of course, some rather complicated techo jargon. From the huge air hangers that house the Big G’s hubs, processing over 100 search factors and the relevance of over 8 billion web pages in a matter of seconds, for your convenience. To the secret Google algorithm that works out exactly what you are looking for, with over 90% of search results online found by Google, there really is no substitute.

So to be found on Google?


Well as we have mentioned there are loads of factors (over 100) Google consider when making a search, some we* know, some only Google know, but the first and most important factor to get found on Google is to write good content. Matt Cutts (aka the public face / ‘man who is super smug becuase he actually does know everything about’) of, says good content is his first and primary factor when decifering the relevance of a web page – will it tell the reader what they wanted to know? Have you written about your topic well? with passion and commitment? Do you appeal to your customers?

More often than not, the key to a successful business is their customer satisfaction success rate – and of course Google is on it with that!

Write what you want and write with enthusiasm, write for your audience and not for the search engines and you WILL get found.


If your still finding this a little complicated and you’d rather someone do the work for you, contact us at Green i Design – We can help you get your web page found.

*We = Search Engine Optimisers

Search Engine Optimisers is the posho way of saying ‘the people who specialise in getting your stuff found online.’

Keep posted for more SEO information and how to’s from Green i Design.

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