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Video of a Drunk Referee…

Football referees are not the biggest crowd pleasers to say the least. So to combat this problem, the Belarusian FA have started taking drastic measures, in an attempt to make referees more entertaining – in this case, that appears to be by installing mini bars in the officials dressing room before the match. Cue amusement apleanty… Oh yes…

Personally, I’m all for it – I want to I see Graham Poll down half a bottle of vodka, run around like a …. , tongue Wayne Rooney, then collapse in a dribbling pile on the half way line and fingers crossed, shit himself…Those Belorussian’s are bloody on it…

Here is one of the most viewed vids on ‘You Tooooob’ today,

Listen to that crowd…


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Woman from the inside out – skills and MS Paint.

Bit late to this party, but yar yar we’ve heard it all before – this is just super cool and deserves a second coming.

Who ever drew this in the first place, has skills even Napoleon Dynamite would want – God I love that film, if you haven’t seen that film you suck.

Check it out. All in MS Paint. Talented indeed.

Tail bone bit still gets me, drawing a coccyx? That even sounds weird …. eurgh, but otherwise amazing.

Excuse lame music.

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Green I Design – Welcome to The design Blog

Need inspiration? Bored? Tired of the same old sh*t?

You’re in good hands. We are Green I Design and this is our blog.

Whilst our design site is in it’s teeny tiny production stages we would like to take this opportunity to welcome you closet dorks, to embrace all you creative noobs and to encourage a collective openness of minds, to all things creative and designed.

Whether by hand, by machine, by nature or your mum, if we like it then well done you, well done indeed. If not, well, we will tell you why it sucks. Check out our shiney categories, on your right, for a taste of what we’ve got.

And we do all this with a healthy dollop of youthful jadedness and, of course, a smile.

So welcome to Green I Design, your new one stop design MEGATRON. (like what I did there?)


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