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Beatboxing Kid – YouTube you loose.

Following on with the beatbox theme, I found this effort on YouTube, from a young man named Arnopoit.

Arnopoit has had a rough time. YouTube users have noobed out and do not appreciate the eyeball exploding talent they see before them. The comments are less then complimentary, in fact you would have thought that this kid had single handedly rigged the Zimbabwe elections. Fair? We think not.

Mr Arnopoit may be a little naive backslash brave, for putting himself out there and in true Youtube style, accept such witty and cutting remarks such as ” it sucked it couldnt be more horrible u dick sucker” and “u shouldnt even be rated for this peace of crap” (nice one ‘tard!) from fellow ‘toobers’. But no, Arnopoit will not be silenced. Check this out….

Ok, fine, he may not be quite up to Killa Kela, Boris FX and Rhazel’s standard just yet, but they all had to start somewhere. Seriously this kid has vision, cutting skills, some incredible facial movements and high notes that would put Whacko to shame. A funny, kinda cute, encouraging video – plus if this doesn’t do it for you, theres more, including a short film named The Devils Rival, written by, directed by and starring the man himself.

Still think he’s sh*t? Well, just imagine what your 14 year old brother is up to right now. Making movies? I didn’t think so and yeah that probably IS crack hes smoking.

Green i Design thinks Arnopoit rules: fact.

July 13, 2008 at 11:54 pm 1 comment

Beatboxing – Euro top trio – BorisFX, SKiller and Lytos

Beatboxing is bad ass, we all know this, but very few are blessed with the vocal skills of these three drumming dialect demons. Yes we are a blog about design, but who said you can’t design with your face? These guys certainly didn’t.

Check out this incredible freestyle round filmed at BoxCon 08, featuring BorisFX, aka Ollie Trew the multilingual blond dynamo from the UK, SKiller from Sophia, the Bulgarian beatbox champ and Lytos the Spanish spiller of words. These guys are freakin awesome…

Good huh? Bet you can’t do that? No, go on try again, we promise that didn’t sound like your nan after a sunday lunch…. sorry, too much? We know…

It’s not just us at Green i who love these guys, the big boys in branding noticed the potential in this explosive and expressive genre of music too. Check out BorixFX in the Suzuki Swift T.V commercial that began airing worldwide in sept 07.


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