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Film review – The Dark Knight

The Dark Knight is everywhere right now – If you haven’t seen it and don’t want any spoilers, then read no further…..

But, if like 400 billion other people (real life actual stats) you have already seen the ‘film of the summer’, we wonder if you had the same opinions on the suit and that Ledger bloke as this weeks featured creative.

Here at Green i Design we have a guest post from the sparky young writer Rupert de Paula. Having been printed in the Australian Times and a keen fiction writer, he wanted to show you all his skills and we thought, why not?

So a warm welcome to Rupert within the Green i community and we’d like your reviews of his work… ohh how the tables are turned.

What do you think? Will he be the next Alexander Walker?


The Dark Knight – Rupert de Paula

When it comes to superheroes, Batman was always the way coolest of the lot.

Yeah, he doesn’t have any actual ‘super’ powers, but he has bitching gadgets, a not-actually-totally-gay costume and awesome villains, who everybody knows are far more interesting than the actually heroes themselves (Note to Superman: yes that means you and your slaphead nemesis).

So, after his fun, but rather back story heavy Batman Begins, with its less than iconic bad guy Ras Al’Ghul, it’s unsurprising that Brit director Christopher Nolan has returned for a second crack at the Batwhip. And this time he’s brought the godfather of comic book villains along for the ride. That’s right: The Joker’s back.

Everybody knows that Heath Ledger carked it after the movie wrapped, so no need to go back over the masses of fawning hyperbole circulating the media (how someone derided as ‘that gay cowboy guy’ transforms into ‘the best actor of his generation’ only after they die just goes to highlight Hollywood’s crass hypocrisy). Let’s just say that Ledger is f**king amazing, ramming all the dismayed fanboys original criticisms straight back down their acne-scared, blog-obsessed throats.

Yep, he owns this movie like fat kids love cake.

The film itself cracks along an attention demanding pace, with all the murky sub plots slightly convoluting the final act. But there is no denying that Nolan has crafted an unrepentantly adult superhero movie, with recurring themes of madness and the much lauded War on Terror analogy (which is pap by the way, this is a movie about a man dressed as a clown bringing the ruckus to man dressed as a bat). So don’t take they kiddies, it’ll scare the bajeezers out of them.

No doubt some people will hate on this movie, saying it is vastly over rated – the Godfather Part 2 of comic book adaptations it aint. But after a summer of uniform mediocrity at the box office The Dark Knight is a rollercoaster ride that refuses to dumb down or patronise its audience.

Oh, and Heath Ledger really is THAT good.

BEST BIT: The Joker – Steals every scene.
WORST BIT: Batman’s stupid sonar/mobile phone thing – WTF?


Want to showcase your skills… whatever they are?

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‘Wanted’ = Super Lame.

Below is a testament on how to ‘literally waste’ 110 minutes of your life and never regret it more.


Watched ‘Wanted’ last night.

‘Wanted’ is directed by Timur Bekmambet, the 47 yr old Russian-Kazakh film director of such classics like, Nightwatch and Daywatch. It was released in the UK on the 25th June. Hmmmm, sounds promising…


Somehow as if by black freakin’ magic, Bekmambet managed to convince the usually flawless Morgan Freeman, a cardboard cut out of Angelina, the ‘up and coming/far too eager’ James McAvoy, Terence Stamp ‘of every boys film ever’ and, if your still with me, hip-hop rapper/Hollywood whore Common(??!?!), to star in this film.

It must be pixie dust ‘cos God only knows how he pitched this one to them, but I reckon it went exactly like this:

TB – “I’ve got a good film wanna be in it?

MF/Cb c o o A/JM/TS/C – “What’s it about?

TB – “Assassins, a magic ‘Loom of Fate’, a faculty and mud baths and I wish this was really the Da Vinci Code and adaptation from a comic and his dad lived next door all along and the tapestry and angelina can bend over on top of trains and action film and shoot round corners and Common’s role is utterly pointless and Castles and flying people and totally gash and blowing up assassins with rats and killing your dad and shooting through trains and Terence Stamp is a bullet guru (??) and wasting my life and donuts and angelina is a messed up kid who goes nuts – nothing new there and windows smashing all trendy like and waaaay too long and pillars and angelina gets naked (obviously) and 4 miles away and completely rubbish

MF/Cb c o o A/JM/TS/C – “Yes, yes, yes. This sounds like the best career move since Lindsay Lohan decided that mutilated hooker film was a good’un. We’re in“.

And that’s pretty much it.


Don’t waste your time watching this, unless you’re under 20, male and a bit retarded. Excessive, ridiculous, tedious, predictable, badly written and acted worse, the only good thing about this film is James McAvoy’s American accent and the fact Morgan Freeman says “Mother F**ker” – Has he ever sworn before? I bet he hasn’t…

Gutted if you paid to see this…

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Beatboxing Kid – YouTube you loose.

Following on with the beatbox theme, I found this effort on YouTube, from a young man named Arnopoit.

Arnopoit has had a rough time. YouTube users have noobed out and do not appreciate the eyeball exploding talent they see before them. The comments are less then complimentary, in fact you would have thought that this kid had single handedly rigged the Zimbabwe elections. Fair? We think not.

Mr Arnopoit may be a little naive backslash brave, for putting himself out there and in true Youtube style, accept such witty and cutting remarks such as ” it sucked it couldnt be more horrible u dick sucker” and “u shouldnt even be rated for this peace of crap” (nice one ‘tard!) from fellow ‘toobers’. But no, Arnopoit will not be silenced. Check this out….

Ok, fine, he may not be quite up to Killa Kela, Boris FX and Rhazel’s standard just yet, but they all had to start somewhere. Seriously this kid has vision, cutting skills, some incredible facial movements and high notes that would put Whacko to shame. A funny, kinda cute, encouraging video – plus if this doesn’t do it for you, theres more, including a short film named The Devils Rival, written by, directed by and starring the man himself.

Still think he’s sh*t? Well, just imagine what your 14 year old brother is up to right now. Making movies? I didn’t think so and yeah that probably IS crack hes smoking.

Green i Design thinks Arnopoit rules: fact.

July 13, 2008 at 11:54 pm 1 comment

Photography – ‘Take Flight’

‘Take Flight’

Matt Swann of Scattershot Genius, California, Pismo Beach


105mm macro lens, 1/1250, f/5 and ISO 400.

The original shot was then converted into black & white in Aperture, where Matt knocked down the blue channel and kept the red + the green, resulting in the final image.


This shot of the seagull, is so crisp it looks like that little bugger is going straight for your eyes, or at least for your sandwich!

Matt said “I used my D70’s continuous auto focus mode to keep focus on the seagull’s eye as he flew – I can’t remember whether he was landing or taking off.”

Whether it was going up or down, Matt managed to get a beautiful image of the creature in flight, the light perfectly capturing each feather, an incredibly hard shot which would have taken a very steady hand, not to mention a bit of nerve. Well done Matt, Green i Design thinks you rule.

July 13, 2008 at 4:29 pm 2 comments

Beatboxing – Euro top trio – BorisFX, SKiller and Lytos

Beatboxing is bad ass, we all know this, but very few are blessed with the vocal skills of these three drumming dialect demons. Yes we are a blog about design, but who said you can’t design with your face? These guys certainly didn’t.

Check out this incredible freestyle round filmed at BoxCon 08, featuring BorisFX, aka Ollie Trew the multilingual blond dynamo from the UK, SKiller from Sophia, the Bulgarian beatbox champ and Lytos the Spanish spiller of words. These guys are freakin awesome…

Good huh? Bet you can’t do that? No, go on try again, we promise that didn’t sound like your nan after a sunday lunch…. sorry, too much? We know…

It’s not just us at Green i who love these guys, the big boys in branding noticed the potential in this explosive and expressive genre of music too. Check out BorixFX in the Suzuki Swift T.V commercial that began airing worldwide in sept 07.


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Treetop view at Kew

I was literally squealing with excitement at the thought of the newly unveiled, £3m Tree Top Walkway at the Royal Botanical Gardens at Kew.

Spurred on by childhood fantasies of tree dwelling Robin Hood types, Ewok villages and little militant teddies, I won’t lie, I was a little disappointed with what I found. Having practically frog marched my party through acres of Capability Brown’s finest, my heart was racing, expecting ropes, hoistings, angry 2 footers and Morgan Freeman, I was dismayed to see an old British favourite in its full heaving glory; the queue.

‘I’spose this means it’s good?’ muttered an enthusiastic gimp – what kind of logic is that???

I’m being too harsh we shouldn’t judge by line size, for of course there was a line, there was always going to be a line, Britain thrives on lines – collective line misery is something we are very good at, but thats for another time.

Aaaaaany way, I digress, we reach Kew’s new Treetop Walkway. A soring steel structure, taking you directly into the canopy above. It had been open for hmm, maybe 2 weeks so of course the lift was broken and people had to walk to the top – but in reality, this is probably a good thing.

After a 15 minute stairwell climb due to the achingly slow pace of the queue, 60 ft up, we reach the top and for the first time, look out at the 650ft walkway ahead of us. It is certainly impressive. I look down. We are freakin’ high, and the floor is see through – not cool if heights aren’t your thing, not cool if heights are your thing.

After letting my resentment for the lack of rope bridges go, walking the treetops was all well and good. However, I couldn’t help but think that this walkway had so much promise of being something really impressive, it just fell short repeatedly:

The view was / had the potential to be amazing but was restricted by the foliage (ok yes, yes, it will be better in winter i know, i know), the single line flow of treetop dorks was innately retarded and probably a hazard, that will probably result in the immediate death of everyone, who knows? But the most fan-tabulous factor of all was that good ‘ol treetop was wobbling!??!. Let’s just say it had a Millennium Bridge moment and I was outta there.

The Treetop walk is cool, don’t get me wrong, but just give this exhibit some time. When the hype has died down, the noobs who built it have been back to wobble school and the trees have died (winter not bad karma) then try again – especially any aeronautical dorks out there, go. go. go. (It’s worth it just to be able to look right into the eye of the pilots heading to land at Heathrow – those baby’s are low, I swear I touched a DC10, no really… that low).

p.s Dork = Good.

July 12, 2008 at 5:34 pm 2 comments

Time to dust off those virtual boots again…

Latest screenshots have been released from EA for FIFA 09

Latest screenshots have been released from EA for FIFA 09

After all the fun and excitement at the Euro 2008 Championships this summer, and the fact that we in England had nothing much to do with it, you’d be forgiven for not even remembering that we actually play football in this country – but we DO and the new English Barclays Premier League season kicks off in just over a months time and with it comes the couch potato’s option of the latest football console games – FIFA 2009 and Pro Evolution Soccer 2009.

First out the gates seems to be FIFA 09, with an official website going up straight after the end of the Euros (so as not to affect any sales of the EA made Euro 2008 game).

Judging from the screenshots you can find on the site, it seems like EA are coming out with another good offering for the football fanatic. Last years Fifa 08 shocked the gaming community with its amazing visuals and, for once, not ‘throw-your-controller-at-the-telly-in frustration’ gameplay. I mean, it was actually good fun – you really started to feel like you were getting some of the control and freedom of play of the game that the Fifa series had always been lacking…

Hang on… wait… I’m being too nice I think… The players didn’t do exactly what you told them to, through balls were useless, player selection was still weird and crossing never really felt fluid enough.

So we can see by the screenshots that EA haven’t let themselves down on the graphics front, but what has been done on the gameplay side of things? The bit that actually makes or breaks wether you keep picking it up and playing it.Well according to EA – lots;

  • 250 additions and enhancements to core gameplay,
  • new animation technology that creates more responsive first-time shooting and passing,
  • faster and more controlled dribbling, and improved trapping, and new player momentum physics that delivers realistic player collisions, authentic jostling for the ball, and more variation in tackling.

So thats what they say! All sounds very promising, lets just hope EA deliver the goods and maybe they can really start to stake claim again as the better football fans choice.

Other than the gameplay its good to hear that developers have been working on further improving the ‘Be a Pro’ feature in 08. If you haven’t played it – it basically meant you could take control of solely one player for the duration of a game, being responsible for their every move, run, tackle, pass, shot or goal. It played better than it sounded on paper to be honest and people obviously agreed because this time out you can take control of your chosen player throughout a full-on career, taking part in all the league fixtures to the rainy cup ties of early February.

All of this along with the obvious annual update of club kits, players, stadia etc. and the promise of Platform specific game features, such as 8 vs 8 arcade fun football and table football on the Wii to Quizzes on the PSP and DS, should ensure another good year for EA.

Stay tuned until next time on the couch potato when we are going to be getting all the latest information on Pro Evolution Soccer 2009 and keeping you up to date on any new info on Fifa 09.

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