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Photography – Macro Water Droplets Series No 1



Here is the first shot from our incredible macro water droplet shoot.

Taken with various coloured backgrounds and a healthy dose of timing – as you can see, these shots really are worth the wait.


f/stop: 5

Shutter speed: 1/200

ISO: 100

Macro Focal length: 238mm

What do you think? Number 2 coming shortly….

Take a look at more photography from Green i Design and our friends – want to get involved yourself? contact us

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February 11, 2009 at 1:56 pm 19 comments

Photography – Naturally composed

Thank you to talented photographer Matthew Taylor of Naturally Composed who sent us this shot. Matthew is a photography major at the University of Central Missouri and we just know he will be big one day. So watch this space and …

Check out his beautiful shot of a storm rolling in onto the plains of Missouri. Taken in Knob Noster Missouri (check out the map below), you can really appreciate the space of the American Midwest. Awesome.


Taken with a Canon 30D, with f/11, 1/125sec and ISO 100

Knob Noster, Mo.]

August 9, 2008 at 3:05 pm 1 comment

Happy 3rd week birthday

Yesterday we realised that the Green i Design blog has been chugging along, an archaic 3 weeks now… We feel so old!

But… yippy… We’ve had over 1500 views so far… Keep them coming!

Imagine 3 years!

Thank you to everyone who has been involved so far, and for those who are sending us your stuff… ohh you guys are good!

Expect more talent ones too watch and design joy to be coming your way soon.


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How to be found on Google – An idiots guide

How many times have you just clicked the first result you see, when you have searched for something on Google ?

What’s that? You never go past page 3…

Fear not. No one gets past page 3. This doesn’t mean your lazy and cant be bothered to look any further, this is just typical online behaviour.People don’t want to search too much, they are too busy plus why the hell should they? People want their results and they want it now, most importantly they KNOW Google will give it to them.

To be the number one spot on Google is to essentially win at life. It stands for that illusive integrity in a fast paced world of instant gratification. Online users know that the results Google presents are THE most relevant to their search and that’s why they go to it.

But how do you get to be there?

You may have just started to get involved with online media or maybe you already have a website or a blog and want to be able to be found more for your content. You may just want to show off to the world or you have realised the importance of the power of online marketing. Well you’re in good hands as we at Green i Design know how to be found.

Unfortunately it’s no simple task and getting good rankings in the Google Search Engine can be a full time job, no, there is no easy route and you have to be prepared for the long hall. Any sneaky short cuts, Google’s search bots will find them and you will be punished…

Like Wikipedia, Google is built on trust and of course, some rather complicated techo jargon. From the huge air hangers that house the Big G’s hubs, processing over 100 search factors and the relevance of over 8 billion web pages in a matter of seconds, for your convenience. To the secret Google algorithm that works out exactly what you are looking for, with over 90% of search results online found by Google, there really is no substitute.

So to be found on Google?


Well as we have mentioned there are loads of factors (over 100) Google consider when making a search, some we* know, some only Google know, but the first and most important factor to get found on Google is to write good content. Matt Cutts (aka the public face / ‘man who is super smug becuase he actually does know everything about’) of, says good content is his first and primary factor when decifering the relevance of a web page – will it tell the reader what they wanted to know? Have you written about your topic well? with passion and commitment? Do you appeal to your customers?

More often than not, the key to a successful business is their customer satisfaction success rate – and of course Google is on it with that!

Write what you want and write with enthusiasm, write for your audience and not for the search engines and you WILL get found.


If your still finding this a little complicated and you’d rather someone do the work for you, contact us at Green i Design – We can help you get your web page found.

*We = Search Engine Optimisers

Search Engine Optimisers is the posho way of saying ‘the people who specialise in getting your stuff found online.’

Keep posted for more SEO information and how to’s from Green i Design.

July 26, 2008 at 2:10 am 3 comments

‘Wanted’ = Super Lame.

Below is a testament on how to ‘literally waste’ 110 minutes of your life and never regret it more.


Watched ‘Wanted’ last night.

‘Wanted’ is directed by Timur Bekmambet, the 47 yr old Russian-Kazakh film director of such classics like, Nightwatch and Daywatch. It was released in the UK on the 25th June. Hmmmm, sounds promising…


Somehow as if by black freakin’ magic, Bekmambet managed to convince the usually flawless Morgan Freeman, a cardboard cut out of Angelina, the ‘up and coming/far too eager’ James McAvoy, Terence Stamp ‘of every boys film ever’ and, if your still with me, hip-hop rapper/Hollywood whore Common(??!?!), to star in this film.

It must be pixie dust ‘cos God only knows how he pitched this one to them, but I reckon it went exactly like this:

TB – “I’ve got a good film wanna be in it?

MF/Cb c o o A/JM/TS/C – “What’s it about?

TB – “Assassins, a magic ‘Loom of Fate’, a faculty and mud baths and I wish this was really the Da Vinci Code and adaptation from a comic and his dad lived next door all along and the tapestry and angelina can bend over on top of trains and action film and shoot round corners and Common’s role is utterly pointless and Castles and flying people and totally gash and blowing up assassins with rats and killing your dad and shooting through trains and Terence Stamp is a bullet guru (??) and wasting my life and donuts and angelina is a messed up kid who goes nuts – nothing new there and windows smashing all trendy like and waaaay too long and pillars and angelina gets naked (obviously) and 4 miles away and completely rubbish

MF/Cb c o o A/JM/TS/C – “Yes, yes, yes. This sounds like the best career move since Lindsay Lohan decided that mutilated hooker film was a good’un. We’re in“.

And that’s pretty much it.


Don’t waste your time watching this, unless you’re under 20, male and a bit retarded. Excessive, ridiculous, tedious, predictable, badly written and acted worse, the only good thing about this film is James McAvoy’s American accent and the fact Morgan Freeman says “Mother F**ker” – Has he ever sworn before? I bet he hasn’t…

Gutted if you paid to see this…

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July 16, 2008 at 5:59 pm 4 comments

Banksy aka Robin Gunningham = Lame

Well, apparently, street art guru and general trendo mystery Banksy, is not so much of a mystery any more.

Thanks in part to a spazztastic newspaper we have here in the UK, anyone who cares on this rainy little island will now know that Banksy aka guerrilla graffiti god is no other than Mr Robin Gunningham from Bristol…


This is so not news worthy, in fact it’s so boring I’d rather read every bio of every contestant on this years Big Brothe… ok no I’m being dramatic, but this is still super dull…. But for some unknown reason people have been going mad about this. Seriously there are chat rooms and forums dedicated to this topic right now, discussing to ad nausium the who’s, the whats, the wheres and the whys –

How could they out Banksy?” erm. who cares?

Apparently hes middle class” oh god no, not middle class.

Banksy is such a hypocrite selling his work for millions when he’s meant to be for the people” Nope. Just smart. If Brangelina wanna spend a 3rd world countries GDP on a bit of canvas and some spray paint then who’s the fool here really guys?

I particularly enjoyed this response:

“Spray painting other peoples property, without their permission, is vandalism. It hardly matters to the victim (for all you trendy lefties out there, that’s the property owner who has to pay the clean up costs) whether the creep responsible was lower, middle or upper class.”

Meh! This is dull and we’ve heard it all before, miserable it may be, this gimp might actually have a point, but will we let him have it? neeeeeeveeeeerrrrrrr.

It’s a standard fact that Banksy is cool, if you don’t agree? Then well you’re wrong… and a mega ‘tard. We can’t be bothered to explain why he is cool. You’re so late to this party.

So just in case you care, here’s some good old examples of ‘vandalism’ for you to discuss to death. Enjoy.


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July 15, 2008 at 12:52 pm 10 comments

Beatboxing Kid – YouTube you loose.

Following on with the beatbox theme, I found this effort on YouTube, from a young man named Arnopoit.

Arnopoit has had a rough time. YouTube users have noobed out and do not appreciate the eyeball exploding talent they see before them. The comments are less then complimentary, in fact you would have thought that this kid had single handedly rigged the Zimbabwe elections. Fair? We think not.

Mr Arnopoit may be a little naive backslash brave, for putting himself out there and in true Youtube style, accept such witty and cutting remarks such as ” it sucked it couldnt be more horrible u dick sucker” and “u shouldnt even be rated for this peace of crap” (nice one ‘tard!) from fellow ‘toobers’. But no, Arnopoit will not be silenced. Check this out….

Ok, fine, he may not be quite up to Killa Kela, Boris FX and Rhazel’s standard just yet, but they all had to start somewhere. Seriously this kid has vision, cutting skills, some incredible facial movements and high notes that would put Whacko to shame. A funny, kinda cute, encouraging video – plus if this doesn’t do it for you, theres more, including a short film named The Devils Rival, written by, directed by and starring the man himself.

Still think he’s sh*t? Well, just imagine what your 14 year old brother is up to right now. Making movies? I didn’t think so and yeah that probably IS crack hes smoking.

Green i Design thinks Arnopoit rules: fact.

July 13, 2008 at 11:54 pm 1 comment

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